Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Julius Owino a.ka. Juliani speaks at an interview with Jeff Koinange at the "Bench" on K24..Juliani is a Climate Change ambassador and the face of the youth; leaders of today.

Juliani has been doing campus tours on climate change under Kama Si Sisi and in partnership with KYCN in both public and private universities. The aim of the campus tours is to communicate climate change and governance through music.

Juliani is a renowned Changemaker for his deep lyrics and mindset on issues of bringing change and development among the youth. Enabling them to be icons entrepreneurship and change within their areas of operations; the streets, society, class and even their work place.

Protection and conservation of the environment is also a key issue on his agenda.

Follow this link for the interview on K24

Monday, December 20, 2010


We have lost our own; a true warrior. Ratemo Charles Oribo Junior aka Ray Charles

He has been a soldier from the start..always dedicated and committed to a better world.Jovial and encouraging,good hearted and strong willed.

We will surely miss you!!

God rest your soul in eternal peace

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


On the 20th of November, 2010, over 500 youths under the banner Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN) in partnership with the Mully’s Children Family (MCF) had a National Tree planting at Yatta. The organizing committee to the tree planting had to wake up as early as 4:00am to make sure that university students (University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Catholic University, Mount Kenya University) and other youths groups from Matuu Network, Third Movement, Kenya Young Greens, African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, Intervarsity Network, Change Agents Kenya, Koch FM, St. John’s and the World Youth Alliance, were picked and ready to go by seven in the morning! You could see how the organizing committee members were moving up and down to make sure that what they were assigned for was efficiently done. At around 9:30 am, up to three buses were at Tuskys Supermarket at Thika town ready for the move. Although we were behind scheduled, we had all the buses at Mully’s Children Family, Ndalani area at 10:00 am in the morning as opposed to the 9:30 am that we had opted for. We were all perplexed when we found out that we were being expected by a group of five hundred children from the Mully Children’s Family who were to assist us in the tree planting event we later found out. This did not deter us since Kito, ‘our dad’ took the microphone welcoming guys for the wonderful event and instructing the youths present to divide themselves according to the color of their t-shirts that were beautifully and innovatively made, thanks to the think tanks of the organizing committee.

Five groups resulted black, green, white, red and brown after which they were told to sit in specific areas under two tents that were beautifully made for the youths who were very eager to grow the tree. Mukhwana Semwami, a bonafide Third Movement stronghold wasted no time, he went and initiated the singing of the Kenya National Anthem in a rather base diction but it was okay for the day. Later on, Dr. Mully gave us a welcoming speech and gave us a brief history of the Mully Children Family. Thereafter Dickson gave us a compendium of principles that we are supposed to abide by when we are at Mully’s Children Family. With a welcoming address from Dickson Mully, the youths could not wait any more they wanted at least words of encouragement from the convener of the tree planning. That’s when Mr. Maithiya stood up and shook up the crowd with his eloquence and choice of words. The crowd went bananas! ‘Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! Eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh’ were what you could hear from the groups as Maithiya called unto them. To commence this event filled with energetic youths hungry for nurturing trees, a prayer was done by one of the Mully’s Children Family and off we went to the field. With the white group instructed to start the digging process and then a rotation to be done, we were set immediately we went for the spades, the jembes here and the buckets for watering. You could see the faces of the youths present; electrifying energy was felt on that day. Ignatius, an AYICC-K member who was there wasted no time, he literally started singing motivational slogans here and there, “Wan wadhii ka yeso…” And immediately the over one thousand group of energetic youths was electrified with nothing to deter them from achieving their main goal: growing 10,000 trees! With the sun scotching hot, no attention was paid to it. I am sure that day the sun must have been unhappy.

You know what they say” all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Dj Reakt did not miss the event, he mixed the latest gospel songs that got the group of KYCN and the MCF psyched for some little dancing. Within no time, a big circle was made by the youths in attendance celebrating the actions that they had just done. Crazy dancing styles were exemplified to justify the fact that the youths were happy of the results; growing trees. “We have to go for another 30kms for lunch at Ndalani” Dickson Mully announced this and off we were in the heat and thirst that was slowly dawning to the participants who were very tired. Reaching Ndalani, two cues were made to enhance the efficiency in serving and the organizing committee showed what they were made of. They waited until all the youths in attendance had finished serving that is when they served their meal to have a bite of the delicious meal made by the wife to Dr. Mully. Talk about showing leadership by the organizing committee. Entertainment from the ‘Big five’ or rather twelve acrobats made the youths roar for more. Youths go green saw this was the best opportunity to show what they were made of. They made us laugh with their neatly created jokes that they told us. The MCF neither did not get deterred; they sang lulling songs and also had their acrobats do their thing for the crowd.

After all these, it was time to wrap up the day. George Auko who was the master of ceremony handed the closure of the event to Dr. Mully who thank us for everything that we did. He urged everyone to continue with the same spirit. Dickson Mully then made the much awaited announcement’ “We have managed to plant a number of 3,500 trees and we go away knowing that we have a deficit of 6,500 trees!” Well, better a start than sitting and doing nothing. The members of the organizing committee thus presented a present to Dr. Mully to thank him for allowing the Kenyan youths to have this event at his resident. Truly the zeal of the youths towards conserving the environment was exemplified on that day since a participant; Machocho was all the way from Mombasa just for the event.

“We are happy that we all of you made it to this event and we want to encourage all of you to continue with the same spirit. I hope that all of you are passion about environmental conservation but if you are not, you are not part of us. Kindly I would like to urge all of you to continue spreading the same spirit and even take the initiative of inviting us to your own places of stay.”Dickson Mully, Mully’s Children Family.

Report by Joshua Minai Programmes and Project Coordinator AYICC-Kenya


We, the YOUNG PEOPLE of Kenya;

Being part of an ongoing search for alternative leadership, gathered at Malta Camp Sagana from 3rd- 5th September 2010 representing youth organizations, networks and movements at local and national levels.

In the desire to seize the optimism and a renewed sense of patriotism ushered in by the ratification of the new Constitution;

APPRECIATING the bad state of our country’s leadership, governance and environment;

RECOGNISING the numerous opportunities and challenges existing in our country Kenya;

REALISING the place of intrinsic values of integrity, selflessness, patriotism, honesty and self-drive;

DETERMINED to address these challenges and exploit the opportunities;

COMMITED to establishing a movement of conscientious young leaders, ready to lay down all else in the best interest of our communities and motherland Kenya;

HAVING held authentic dialogues between and amongst ourselves;

HEREBY do commit ourselves to;

1.0 Having a NEW HEART that demonstrates; Roho Mpya
1.01 A willingness to change for the better
1.02 A commitment to develop new values and virtues
1.03 A spirit devoid of selfish concerns and arrogant pursuit of parochial interests.
1.04 A Character that is truly dead to corruption and indifference
1.03 A Commitment to uplifting one another
1.04 A Genuine concern for all disadvantaged persons and groups
1.05 Resilience in the face of ALL adversity
1.06 A Consistency of Passion for a Better Kenya

2.0 Having a NEW PURPOSE that demonstrates;
2.01 An unrelenting Pursuit for Excellence in all that we do
2.02 A commitment to Empowering and equipping fellow youth at all levels
2.03 A commitment to maximizing our Potential as youth
2.04 A Commitment to add value to our communities and Country
2.03 Alternative leadership that is committed to being green in every thing we do and say

3.0 Having a NEW ATTITUDE that demonstrates;
3.01 A capacity to be open-minded, accommodative and tolerant of others irrespective of their
faith, gender, age, status etc
3.02 An ability to self-motivate and to embrace an optimistic spirit. . .
3.03 An acceptance of our obligation to be good stewards of our environment.
3.04 Progressive youth leadership at all levels.

4.0 Taking on NEW RESPONSIBILITIES that include;
4.01 Actively participating in governance processes
4.02 Role playing
4.03 Promoting accountability and integrity
4.04 Providing creative solutions to the problems and challenges we face in our communities
and Country
4.05 Taking personal responsibility as leaders at all times.
4.06 Offering opportunities to others for Mentorship
4.07 Encouraging healthy partnerships and friendships between youth and organizations
4.08 Persistently engaging in civil dialogue.

5.0 Cultivating NEW FRIENDSHIPS based on; Urafiki Mpya
5.01 ‘Green’ Values and beliefs
5.02 Intrinsic human values
5.03 Networking
5.04 Viewing people as resources
5.05 Healthy friendships
5.06 Compromises-meeting others halfway
5.07 Sharing time with others who may need our inspiration and helping them unconditionally

6.0 Forging a NEW CONFIDENCE that;
6.01 Believes in oneself and in the power of what you can do.
6.02 Influences things through positive contributions
6.03 Challenges traditional wisdom and retrogressive status quo.
6.04 Upholds justice and dignity at all times.

7.0 Setting NEW AMBITIONS aimed at;
7.01 Achieving higher than the norms
7.02 Engaging in civil activism and positive and aggressive advocacy to cause desired change
7.03 Looking beyond our comfort zones
7.04 Eradicating poverty through creative and innovative youth-led initiatives
7.05 Offering support to youth in neighboring countries especially those ravaged by war such as
Somalia and Sudan.

8.0 Tapping into NEW RESOURCES including;
8.01 Individuals who are the greatest resource which can be mobilized for a new beginning thus
the need to develop, motivate and channel human capital more productively
8.02 Information which must be carefully channeled to make an impact
8.03 Natural resources
8.04 Personal attributes
8.05 The acquisition of prudent personal financial management and time management skills.
8.06 Peer audits to check on our progress

9.0 Enhancing NEW GENEROSITY that implies;
9.01 Giving oneself to a cause that involves sacrifice.
9.02 New ideas on making our community amenities better
9.03 Volunteerism at the grassroots level e.g. volunteer work in cleaning community markets.
9.04 Collective responsibility in society to preserve societal norms, progressive cultural practices
and maintain the moral fabric.


BELIEVING that indeed A NEW ‘GREEN’ KENYA is possible, a Kenya free of the shackles of the past, devoid of the mediocrity in the leadership of today, we steadfastly resolve to overcome the challenges we confront as we seek to realize this new leadership.

In this, we, the undersigned, do hereby commit to undertake the aforementioned to the best of our ability. Towards this, we will uphold our Constitution, safeguard the well being of Kenya and its entire people; promote our diversity and cultural heritage; protect and conserve our environment and actively cultivate nationalistic values

Friday, November 19, 2010


Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN) is a youth
movement comprised of youth organisations and
networks, including Kenya Young Greens (KYG), Africa
Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC-Kenya),
Korogocho Community radio (Koch FM), Kama si
Sisi Artist Group, Young Environmentalists Network
in Africa (YENA), the Third Movement, Inter-varsity
Environmentalist Network (IVEN) among others.
It was consolidated in 2009 as part of young people’s
advocacy and information initiative towards the 15th
Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the United
Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

KYCN represents young people, youth organisations and
networks that work on the themes of environment and
governance issues from a youth perspective in Kenya at
community and national levels. It further runs several advocacy
initiatives with close partnership with other youth movements
and civil society in Kenya, Africa and globally.

The youth and networks under KYCN recognise that climate
change is an issue that required urgent action to curb its
impacts. In Kenya, climate change has affected important
sectors such as agriculture, tourism, water, health, security and
others. It compromises economic and development growth of
nations and communities and increases poverty. Kenya and
other countries of Africa are particularly vulnerable because of
their poverty and weak resilience making them unable
to cope with disasters that climate change causes.

KYCN sees climate change not only as an environmental
issue, but also a leadership issue. Accountable and
decisive leadership plays a critical role in addressing
climate change. KYCN is part of the Kenya Climate
Change Working Group (KCCWG) as well as the
global Change Maker movement. It is hosted by the
Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), a voluntary ecumenical
organisation that works to promote the basic rights of

KYCN has three main objectives: to mobilise and build
capacity of youth in Kenya to respond to the challenges
of climate change and environmental degradation
and leadership; to create a nationwide movement of
youth that are passionate about their communities
and country; and to participate in active advocacy
towards just communities that embraces and utilises
the potential, energy and creativity of youth.

Celebrating The Actions

Kenya National Youth Climate Youth Network receives a prestigious award, pieces of cake, from Mr. Gaim Kebreab, the Area representative, Kenya Uganda and Somalia, Norwegian Church Aid
After being briefed on what the Kenya Youth Climate Network had done in the breakfast show at Nation Television, Mr. Gaim Kebreab area representative NCA was so much pleased that he bought two cakes, a pine apple and a chocolate cake just to thank the youths for what they have been tirelessly doing. With a bell being rang at around 11:00 am in the morning to convene the staff of the Norwegian Church Aid and some of the KYCN members who were finalizing on the issues of the Yatta Tree Planting scheduled for the 20th of November, 2010. You should have seen the smiles that were written on the youths who were there. I bet some of us wished they would have never taken any breakfast.

While being served the cake by Virginia, Mr. Gaim initiated a rather similar interview on what we as the KYCN were envisaging doing as a long term agenda. With pieces of advice being received from Norwegian staff, it was so open that they were blissful of what we have been doing so far. Richard another youth in the organizing committee just made it in time as the cake was being distributed and managed to get the largest piece of the pine apple cake.

“The old are in a comfort zone and once that cocoon starts to break or rather they feel threatened by the young people, then they know they are doing a good job. Even though they may NOT like it, change is inevitable” Mr. Gaim Kebreab, area representative Kenya, Uganda and Somalia.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN) interview on NTV Kenya Breakfast show, 19th November 2010

The Kenya National Youth Climate Network (KYCN) on the 19th of November 2010, made a remarkable statement on Nation Television Network (NTV) breakfast show. Under the theme ‘Vijana going green’, a brief introduction was done to elucidate who the KYCN was made up of and what they have been doing in the past towards the environment.

A wake up phone call at 4:30 am was made to the guys who were to make themselves available at Nation Media House at 6:30 am. As the few of the KYCN members tried to beat the heavy traffic in the morning, nearly all of us made it for the breakfast show on time. You could see the enthusiasm that Kito and Maithya had as they went into the news room. It was all written in their faces, “Youths can make a positive change in Kenya if given a chance.” With the first session commencing with heated discussions on why Yatta and no other place for the tree planting, it was evident that Isaiah Kipyegon a representative from the Norwegian Church Aid, had all points in his finger tips, he vividly elucidated as questions were posed to him. Maithya, the Convener of the Yatta tree planting on the other hand under the theme “Back to Eden” showed a lot of composer as he reiterated on what Isaiah was bringing to light about the Youth and Leadership in Kenya.

With a commercial break to pave way for the second session, Winnie Asiti a coordinator from the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC-Kenya) swapped with Maithya to bring the femininity during the interview. Within no time, callers started inquiring about the envisaged tree planting staged for Yatta. It was evident that the young people in Kenya had a passion for the conservation of their environment since the NTV staff could not handle the number of callers that were on hold! After the show, the KYCN members present, George Auko, Winnie Asiti, Joshua Minai, Joseph Maithya, Philip Koimet, Jackie Mugo and Clayton Opiyo went for a breakfast treat at T-spot under the auspices of the Norwegian Church Aid.

“Listeners come and join us tomorrow to mark the event and if you cannot make it, kindly plant a tree to mark your b-day or anniversary” Winnie Asiti.