Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We, the YOUNG PEOPLE of Kenya;

Being part of an ongoing search for alternative leadership, gathered at Malta Camp Sagana from 3rd- 5th September 2010 representing youth organizations, networks and movements at local and national levels.

In the desire to seize the optimism and a renewed sense of patriotism ushered in by the ratification of the new Constitution;

APPRECIATING the bad state of our country’s leadership, governance and environment;

RECOGNISING the numerous opportunities and challenges existing in our country Kenya;

REALISING the place of intrinsic values of integrity, selflessness, patriotism, honesty and self-drive;

DETERMINED to address these challenges and exploit the opportunities;

COMMITED to establishing a movement of conscientious young leaders, ready to lay down all else in the best interest of our communities and motherland Kenya;

HAVING held authentic dialogues between and amongst ourselves;

HEREBY do commit ourselves to;

1.0 Having a NEW HEART that demonstrates; Roho Mpya
1.01 A willingness to change for the better
1.02 A commitment to develop new values and virtues
1.03 A spirit devoid of selfish concerns and arrogant pursuit of parochial interests.
1.04 A Character that is truly dead to corruption and indifference
1.03 A Commitment to uplifting one another
1.04 A Genuine concern for all disadvantaged persons and groups
1.05 Resilience in the face of ALL adversity
1.06 A Consistency of Passion for a Better Kenya

2.0 Having a NEW PURPOSE that demonstrates;
2.01 An unrelenting Pursuit for Excellence in all that we do
2.02 A commitment to Empowering and equipping fellow youth at all levels
2.03 A commitment to maximizing our Potential as youth
2.04 A Commitment to add value to our communities and Country
2.03 Alternative leadership that is committed to being green in every thing we do and say

3.0 Having a NEW ATTITUDE that demonstrates;
3.01 A capacity to be open-minded, accommodative and tolerant of others irrespective of their
faith, gender, age, status etc
3.02 An ability to self-motivate and to embrace an optimistic spirit. . .
3.03 An acceptance of our obligation to be good stewards of our environment.
3.04 Progressive youth leadership at all levels.

4.0 Taking on NEW RESPONSIBILITIES that include;
4.01 Actively participating in governance processes
4.02 Role playing
4.03 Promoting accountability and integrity
4.04 Providing creative solutions to the problems and challenges we face in our communities
and Country
4.05 Taking personal responsibility as leaders at all times.
4.06 Offering opportunities to others for Mentorship
4.07 Encouraging healthy partnerships and friendships between youth and organizations
4.08 Persistently engaging in civil dialogue.

5.0 Cultivating NEW FRIENDSHIPS based on; Urafiki Mpya
5.01 ‘Green’ Values and beliefs
5.02 Intrinsic human values
5.03 Networking
5.04 Viewing people as resources
5.05 Healthy friendships
5.06 Compromises-meeting others halfway
5.07 Sharing time with others who may need our inspiration and helping them unconditionally

6.0 Forging a NEW CONFIDENCE that;
6.01 Believes in oneself and in the power of what you can do.
6.02 Influences things through positive contributions
6.03 Challenges traditional wisdom and retrogressive status quo.
6.04 Upholds justice and dignity at all times.

7.0 Setting NEW AMBITIONS aimed at;
7.01 Achieving higher than the norms
7.02 Engaging in civil activism and positive and aggressive advocacy to cause desired change
7.03 Looking beyond our comfort zones
7.04 Eradicating poverty through creative and innovative youth-led initiatives
7.05 Offering support to youth in neighboring countries especially those ravaged by war such as
Somalia and Sudan.

8.0 Tapping into NEW RESOURCES including;
8.01 Individuals who are the greatest resource which can be mobilized for a new beginning thus
the need to develop, motivate and channel human capital more productively
8.02 Information which must be carefully channeled to make an impact
8.03 Natural resources
8.04 Personal attributes
8.05 The acquisition of prudent personal financial management and time management skills.
8.06 Peer audits to check on our progress

9.0 Enhancing NEW GENEROSITY that implies;
9.01 Giving oneself to a cause that involves sacrifice.
9.02 New ideas on making our community amenities better
9.03 Volunteerism at the grassroots level e.g. volunteer work in cleaning community markets.
9.04 Collective responsibility in society to preserve societal norms, progressive cultural practices
and maintain the moral fabric.


BELIEVING that indeed A NEW ‘GREEN’ KENYA is possible, a Kenya free of the shackles of the past, devoid of the mediocrity in the leadership of today, we steadfastly resolve to overcome the challenges we confront as we seek to realize this new leadership.

In this, we, the undersigned, do hereby commit to undertake the aforementioned to the best of our ability. Towards this, we will uphold our Constitution, safeguard the well being of Kenya and its entire people; promote our diversity and cultural heritage; protect and conserve our environment and actively cultivate nationalistic values

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