Friday, November 19, 2010

Celebrating The Actions

Kenya National Youth Climate Youth Network receives a prestigious award, pieces of cake, from Mr. Gaim Kebreab, the Area representative, Kenya Uganda and Somalia, Norwegian Church Aid
After being briefed on what the Kenya Youth Climate Network had done in the breakfast show at Nation Television, Mr. Gaim Kebreab area representative NCA was so much pleased that he bought two cakes, a pine apple and a chocolate cake just to thank the youths for what they have been tirelessly doing. With a bell being rang at around 11:00 am in the morning to convene the staff of the Norwegian Church Aid and some of the KYCN members who were finalizing on the issues of the Yatta Tree Planting scheduled for the 20th of November, 2010. You should have seen the smiles that were written on the youths who were there. I bet some of us wished they would have never taken any breakfast.

While being served the cake by Virginia, Mr. Gaim initiated a rather similar interview on what we as the KYCN were envisaging doing as a long term agenda. With pieces of advice being received from Norwegian staff, it was so open that they were blissful of what we have been doing so far. Richard another youth in the organizing committee just made it in time as the cake was being distributed and managed to get the largest piece of the pine apple cake.

“The old are in a comfort zone and once that cocoon starts to break or rather they feel threatened by the young people, then they know they are doing a good job. Even though they may NOT like it, change is inevitable” Mr. Gaim Kebreab, area representative Kenya, Uganda and Somalia.

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